Special delivery

L arrived in Boston a few nights ago with some precious cargo: cake from Pinisi Bakery!  She knows well my sweet tooth, so it was the best kind of surprise: unexpected and right on the money.

Red velvet:


Coconut cake:


Pinisi makes a standout red velvet cake.  The cream cheese-based frosting could have been a little more tart, but the cake itself was moist with a rich, dense, yet spongy crumb.  I hear sour cream is part of the secret.  One bite in, I realized how long it had felt since the last time I plunged a fork into such a scrumptious creature.  Cake is a special occasion food for me, so when I eat it I really want to indulge.  Red velvet, carrot, and chocolate cakes are probably my favorite, and this red velvet was worth every lipid gained.  We also started nibbling at the coconut cake, which was drier and lighter, and not nearly as memorable.  Perhaps it was destined to disappoint on the heels of its crimson-colored counterpart. I ate the rest of it last night, and was much more pleased. It is tasty in its own right, though I still wish the coconut flavor was more pronounced.

Pinisi Bakery
128 E. 4th Street, NY 10003
18-20 1st Ave, NY 10009


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