Edible Easter

We all know holidays are excuses to eat, and to eat well.  Throw in a couple visitors from out of town, and that pretty much guarantees a weekend of gustatory satisfaction.

After a morning of lattes, tax filing, and story writing, L and I made a pit stop at Christina’s before heading over to Davis.  One of special flavors of the day was Taza Chocolate, and after I gushed earlier about the magnificence of Taza, we couldn’t have passed that up.  I also got a scoop of carrot cake ice cream, which had all the makings of carrot cake minus the cake– chewy raisins, walnut chunks, carrot nubbins, and whiffs of cinnamon and nutmeg.

On the heels of an unsuccessful (for me) thrift shopping venture, we donned the deliciousness that is Dave’s Pasta.


I’m proud to say on my recommendation, L ordered the smoked turkey sandwich with sun dried tomato pesto, aged asiago, spinach, and caramelized onion jam, on pain rustico, grilled. I got this sandwich on my first trip to Dave’s, with bacon, and it is the bomb. I think the ingredient list speaks for itself, but I will say that the onion jam is what makes it a great sandwich. Everyone and everyone’s mother knows how easy it is to make a half-decent, edible sandwich, but only Dave’s and a few select others hold the secret to making great ones. I firmly believe a sandwich is one of the hardest dishes to impress people with.

Non-alcoholic beverages:


Craving more of that bacon, I went with the avocado BLT, on pain rustico (they had run out of my preferred ciabatta), grilled.


They definitely skimped on the avocado, which is too bad because if they hadn’t, I think this sandwich would have been legit. It was a fine sandwich as it was, but less mayo and more avocado would have done wonders.

Surrounded by glories of fresh pasta, cheese, produce, and specialty ingredients, L made a divine proposition: to procure ingredients for a rooftop picnic on the following day.  My goodness, I thought, we are friends for a reason!  With that we made our way through the store, choosing a wedge of Cabot clothbound cheddar (which I was introduced to at Formaggio’s Cheese 101 course) and a Roquefort, a pint of Castelvetrano olives (if you are an olive hater, I suggest you try these– green, mild, fruity yet meaty, they just might convert you), and some fresh bread.  We left and then returned upon realizing we needed meat, and promptly convinced ourselves to try some speck as well as the king of cured meats, Jamon iberico.

Some margaritas and dark n’ stormies later…

A spread worthy of a beautiful Easter Sunday:




and cheese 😀


I also made some kale chips…


Yes, I made her hold it like that.



Jamon iberico:


Yes, I did again.

I also broke out the Berger that I bought after the Cheese 101 course from Formaggio– it was the right time.

A bite of this, a bite of that, and the spread slowly but inevitably disappeared.  We savored the iberico, raved about the olives, tore up the warmed toasty bread.  I converted L on the clothbound cheddar, and we both agreed the only element out of place was the roquefort, which was too overwhelming for this type of meal.  At one point I said, “I have a pig in my mouth and the sun on my face.  I am blessed.”  And I meant it.

Dave’s Fresh Pasta
81 Holland Street
Somerville, MA 02144-2738
(617) 623-0867


5 thoughts on “Edible Easter

  1. Some thoughts:

    1. What about the apple? The ever-sweet Fuji? The tart Braeburn? The new-man-in-town Honeycrisp? Details, please!

    2. Do you think we could make a stained glass window with that kind of pattern? 🙂

    3. The bread looks amazing. I haven’t come across a good bakery in Oxford yet. :/

    • A– it was a standard fuji apple, delicious when draped in salty cured meat. i wish i could airmail you a cambridge bakery– we have 3 or 4 fantastic ones here.

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