Quick update

I’ve been a terrible foodie this week– the duress of a writing assignment is to blame.  Mediocre takeout and pints of Ben and Jerry’s have been my primary sources of sustenance.  The one highlight: a lovely Spanish-themed dinner party on Wed night.  Smoked salmon and broccoli quiche, chicken pot pie with a decadent crust, a duo of salads, some Spanish reds, cream puffs for dessert.  Oh, and a load of eggplant beignets that went largely untouched and were deemed a “successful failure.”  I used some of my Boston Organics produce to make a pear and red lettuce salad with dried cherries and a blue-cheese dressing. Homemade everything–it was just fantastic.  Muchos gracias to the beneficent hosts of the evening and the hands that made the food.

I intend to make up for my slacking off this weekend: I’m headed to New Haven to visit L and J, and resolve to eat nothing but pizza while I’m there.  The places on the menu: Frank Pepe, Sally’s and BAR for the mashed potato pie.  My last hurrah before buckling down and rounding into summer form.  I’ve been putting it off for long enough.


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