Spring, pizza, friends

The highlights of my weekend, in reverse order 🙂

I spent most of the weekend in New Haven visiting L and J, along with M, who came down from Boston as well.  Getting out of town was the perfect antidote to a rocky week and I couldn’t have asked for a better excuse to do so.  To top it off, they were all kind enough to indulge me and my pizza-only dictum while we were there.  As a result, we had pizza on Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday evening, from three different spots.  And I had leftover pizza on Sunday morning before we left New Haven for the drive back.  I nibbled on some cheesecake and oranges along the way, but that’s probably the most success I’ve had with sticking to an eating regimen.  Never mind that the regimen was a 48-hour pizza spree.


First stop: BAR.

BAR advertises itself as a nightclub and has the whole industrial-chic thing working for it.  I liked the full-length, wall to wall window facing out toward the street.  Props also for making beer in-house.  Food-wise, it’s all about the crackly thin crust pizza and the specialty is the mashed potato pie, which begs the question, “with or without bacon?”  Dumb question!  We also ordered a fresh tomato and basil pie.

DSC09222 DSC09206

Fresh tomato and basil pie:


The mashed potato pie was a heavy hitter– lots of flavor and hearty goodness there.  I was a bit surprised when it came out, as I was expecting the whole pie to be coated with a uniform layer of fluffy mash.  That probably would have been overkill.  Instead, buttery mashed potato dollops were scattered about the pie.  I enjoyed the pizza but the mashed potatoes didn’t do much for me.  I think I am not a fan of soft, starchy blobs on my pizza, preferring savory meat bits or leafy green vegs.  Or…spoonfuls of minced garlic.  It’s not like the pizza needed to be salvaged, but the plentiful bacon and garlic bits left me very satisfied.  The other pie was nowhere as tasty: I gathered that my taste buds were too preoccupied with mashed potato-bacon-garlic behemoth beside it.  It hit the spot on Sunday morning, though.  Cold pizza is the breakfast of the real champions in this world.

Saturday was beautiful so we decided to get take-out from Frank Pepe’s for an impromptu picnic in the main park area downtown.  Good thing, because I severely dislike waiting on lines for a table and there was a sizable line outside when we got there.

Part of the line:


Another plus of getting take-out: we could jump into the cute bakery/ice cream place next door and grab some gelato to tide us over.

Adorable, no?


Pistachio gelato: it was aight. I’m no expert when it comes to ice cream and the like.


Pepe’s gets raves for its clam pie; we ordered a large, half-clam and half-sausage and peppers.  It came to about $28– size-wise, I think it’s about right for 4 robust appetites.  It was delicious!  Overall the clam half was my favorite of the weekend.  The briny, plump clams were delightful and copious; the mild tomato sauce was unintrusive, and the texture of the crust was just right for me, chewy, classic Neopolitan-style, with a nice char and beautiful hole structure.  Oh, and pizza crevices unexpectedly filled with garlic nubs that explode in your mouth = yum.




Come to mama:


A dwarf:


A nap, some sun, a few feeble frisbee throws, and a walk around campus later…


We got another take-out pie, this time from Sally’s Apizza, for our pre-theater meal.  Half-pepperoni (or salami?) and half-eggplant parm, one of the specials.  Man, people were not kidding about the char on Sally’s pies.  I couldn’t eat the edges b/c they were so burnt and there was charcoal caked to the bottom.  I liked the eggplant parm, though, and the tomato sauce was more pronounced than Pepe’s, which went well with the eggplant.  Both places are generous with toppings, of which I approve, since the add-ons are not cheap.

We all need to eat, right:


We stopped at Five Guys (my first time!) on the drive back, but I think I’ll save that for the next post.  Thanks L/J/M for hosting, sitting through that theatre production with me, and being my pizza partners in crime 🙂

More pics @ flickr page.


One thought on “Spring, pizza, friends

  1. yummm. i can tell that’s john’s hands in the pictures with pizza being held up b/c of his pink watch.

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