KO Prime

Yesterday night, I treated birthday boy D to dinner at Ken Oringer’s steakhouse, KO Prime, which is in the Financial District next to the Nine Zero hotel.  I’ve fallen into a bad habit lately of not bringing my camera places, so I have no pictures, tear.  We had a great view of the cemetery across the street, the one next to the Boston Commons/Park Street stop.  Obviously, the featured protein on KO’s menu is beef, and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the restaurant runs an all-you-can-eat prime rib promotion for $29.95.  D went with the prime rib and I opted for the 8 oz. filet mignon with chimichurri.  We had the fricassee of escargot to start, and the English pea risotto and mixed mushrooms for sides.  We also received an amuse bouche, a sun-dried tomato salad with pita.  The fricassee was interesting and tasty but too salty, as were the mixed mushrooms.  The risotto was delicious, and even though there weren’t many peas present, the dish was infused throughout with that fresh grassy flavor.  The meat was all juicy, tender, and well-seasoned, and the 8 oz. steak was the right amount of meat for me.  I thought the presentation of the filet mignon was most stunning– an oversized, spotless white plate with the gorgeous dark round of steak placed in the bull’s-eye and a tiny edible flower sunbathing on top.  The fricassee had more frills, but seeing that steak, my eyebrows really shot up.  We also split the chocolate molten cake for dessert, which came complete with a flickering candle and “Happy Birthday!” cheerfully scrawled out on the plate.

I’m torn over the prices of the steaks.  On the one hand, since the meats don’t come with any sides, you have to spend another $20-30 (for 2 ppl) to get 2 sides to split, which obviously makes things more expensive.  On the other hand, I like that ordering sides separately encourages sharing and I think they are portioned well for just that.  If you’re looking for a steakhouse that will offer you four types of water, KO is a solid choice.  Just plan on eating low for the next few days (or weeks) to give the wallet some time to fatten up before making another kill.

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