Duckfat, Portland, ME

On Monday the 5th, I dragged my friend N to Portland, ME for a day trip. Neither of us had been, and I solicited recommendations from several people for places and things to check out. Turns out Portland has a really active dining scene, which is one of the reasons I wanted to have a look around. The culinary highlight of our trip (and the only sit-down meal we were able to get in before succumbing to shopping and strolling along the water) was lunch at Duckfat. There I discovered three words on which I will forever stake my heart: DUCK FAT FRIES.


If only pictures could smell, then you, too, could experience the killer scent of the fat-infused fries.  The truffled ketchup was also nothing to sniff at, but the fries, the fries!  They were soaking through with lush, lardalicious flavor.  The poutine is what they’re famous for, but on a 90 degree day, it wasn’t hard to envision that being total overkill.

N’s tomato and fennel soup:


My duck confit sandwich, half of which would eventually become dinner.


The place itself is a little small for my tastes, but they did have a magnetic word board that runs the length of one sidewall.  I don’t think either of us can take credit for these gems:


The afternoon was bliss, adulterated by just a dash of unpleasant perspiration. I remembered how small one can feel, indeed one is, when confronted by a vast, natural expanse. I would have loved to spend another day or two there, especially since we didn’t get a chance to visit Masa Miyake’s restaurant and many of the city’s cultural offerings. We did step inside some really cute stores and I’m sure there are plenty more to be discovered.  There’s always more waiting to be discovered.

43 Middle Street
Portland, ME 04101-4213
(207) 774-8080

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