Miracle of Science and fireworks on the 4th

Before heading out to see the fireworks along the river on Sunday, I had lunch with a couple friends at Miracle of Science near MIT.  Some of the breakfast/brunch items looked tasty and I laid green eyes on some shrimp kebabs coming off the grill, but I settled for a succulent chicken breast sandwich, served with home fries and habanero mustard.  Several aspects of this sandwich stood out to me.  First, I was really impressed with the bun’s texture, although I was at first skeptical of its pale exterior.  At slight pressure, the exterior crackled to yield soft, delicate innards that had a faint hint of butter (or was that me wishfully thinking?).  Also, it gets props for smushing well while retaining burger bun integrity.  For sure it is one of the top burger buns I’ve eaten.  Second, the chicken was well-seasoned, moist, juicy, all the things a slab of grilled chicken must be in order to be worth eating (unless you smack your lips on dry cardboard, which I occasionally enjoy in cracker form, but not my chicken).  Third, as you can see from the photo, the meat: bun diameter ratio was just about 1:1, perhaps a little greater, such that there was some nibble-licious chicken poking out the sides of the sandwich.  Bun excess and/or undersized patties are a pet peeve; huge buns with not a lot of meat, and vice versa, don’t belong together on a plate.


Both friends got burgers, which looked delicious as well.


@ the fireworks display:





Miracle of Science
321 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139-4151
(617) 868-2866

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