Filipino food from a maestro-mom

S’s mom is awesome. She cooked a bunch of us Filipino food a few nights ago, while she was here hanging out in Boston. Cooking for a dozen twenty-somethings is not exactly how I would spend my vacation, but that’s why I dubbed her awesome. On the menu: lumpia (spring rolls); a tamarind-based soup similar to tom yum; a noodle dish; pork adobo; and for dessert, Mochiko cake and flan.

Lumpia: my favorite savory dish of the night. I probably ate four or five but could have easily eaten twice that.


Tamarind soup: the sour broth provided a nice, refreshing bath for the sweet shrimp and accompanying veg. And by sour I mean one doozy of a palatal alarm clock.


Mochiko cake: one with macadamia nuts, one without. Both irresistable — cute, squashy, bouncy squares.


Flan: the pièce de résistance of the evening. I’m not the biggest fan of soft desserts, but this stuff was some of the best flan I’ve tasted, rivaling the dulce de leche flan I had from a Portuguese dessert place in Macau. A small section of sweet surrender, along with a cup of coffee and a square of cake, capped off in luxurious fashion a delightful meal.



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