Weekend lunch

This is shaping up to be one heck of a late-summer weekend. After putting up with the shoddy weather earlier in the week (think horizontal rain), the air breezeth and the sun shineth and all is well that ends well. My friend E recently moved into the apartment, and I have enjoyed reuniting with him the past few days. Today is his birthday, so I whipped up a simple celebratory lunch, a prelude to the highly anticipated Afghan food that is on the menu for tonight. Realizing I had all the ingredients on hand to actually “whip” the meal up was quite satisfying, because I often wonder whether I shop for food economically — that is, not on a meal-by-meal basis. All I needed to purchase was a lime and some pita bread. I think I haven’t yet found what ingredients are really staple to me.

We dined outside on our backdoor patio, my second time in two weeks after not having used it at all for the previous ten months.  I made an arugula and sausage frittata, some guacamole, and pita chips.

La spread


Frittata — but I think maybe I could have tricked you if I said it was a pizza, right? Which it is. How could it not be?  Look at that fluffy crust!


And the hole structure!


If you believe me then your eyes deceive you.  This was indeed a frittata, an overcooked one.  Lesson — an overcooked frittata may resemble a pizza and, in doing so, arouse an intense pizza craving that you cannot immediate satisfy as you have just eaten your overcooked frittata.  So don’t overcook your frittata.  Have a great weekend!


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