Smoke This Rib Fest

Outdoor food events may soon vie with weekend brunches as my favorite food-oriented activity, especially when they serendipitously fall on picturesque weekend afternoons.  Sampling good food between sips of crisp autumnal air on sun-soaked city streets, mm.  The Boston Local Food Festival from a few weeks back and the East Cambridge Rib Fest this past weekend have teamed up to convert me. The fact that such events are often conduits for supporting local charities and spreading awareness about important issues does not hurt, nor do the curious sitings that amuse (such as a passerby wearing an “I heart female orgasm” shirt).  Last weekend’s Rib Fest featured ten Cambridge restaurants, including East Coast Grill and Hungry Mother, competing for various charities of their choice.  You could only partake of the rib sampling with a taste ticket, which I did not purchase; but I snagged enough bites from J’s ribs to keep me satisfied.  Had he voted, I believe he would have cast his ballot for Tupelo, perhaps the top cofo joint in Cambridge.  He also took well to the Carolina-style (mustard-based) rib sauce from East Coast Grill.

The competitors and respective charities:


Oink oink:


H-core..that thing has wheels!


Showing some leg:


One succulent contestant:


Many of the vendors were selling non-rib items like these wings from ART BAR, which were photogenic but mediocre:


Formaggio, which I noted as the most generous vendor with their ribs, dolling out 3 bones a portion:


Hungry Mother’s Berkshire pork ribwich, featuring an optimal crusty, caramelized, carcinogenic bits to good ol’ meat ratio.


Twas all followed by a leisurely walk to Christina’s for some ice cream to cap off the porky afternoon eats in sweet fashion. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Smoke This Rib Fest

  1. Man, I love my neighborhood! Somehow I missed the rib fest, but at least I live down the street from Tupelo and East Coast Grill and can go nosh whenevs. And did you hear a butcher shop and charcuterie store is opening here too? I am never leaving.

  2. Congrats ! To the Winner ! EAST SIDE BAR & GRILLE !!

    That was thier HUGE smoker in front of thier place. Smoked for 6-7 hours tender and fresh. Homeade sauce too!

    I hear a rumor they may be seling ribs outside from that beast on weekends! I hope so so so.

    Cant wait til next year! thank you, Business Assoc.

    I love East Cambridge !!

    Thanks again,
    Happy Citizen & pork lover

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