Home-cooked stuffed things

This past weekend my roommates and I did a bit of cooking.  Nothing fancy, but two of the three dishes featured happened to be stuffed.  On Saturday night, EK made Greek stuffed peppers, which abounded with orzo, ground lamb, tomatoes, and spinach.

Looking good:



Also on Saturday, EB cooked some ad hoc Thai curry. He stir-fried swordfish with ginger and garlic, then braised the vegetables in a coconut milk-based concoction that included soy sauce and curry powder, but sadly, no fish sauce. Still, it was gobbled up without complaint; I especially liked the eggplant, which I thought was cooked just right.


Saturday, I intended to make a test batch of Mark Bittman’s ricotta “gnocchi” as well. However, given the already copious quantity of food on the table and the apparent failure of the first several gnocchi I dropped into the water, I abandoned my efforts. The problem was that I didn’t add enough flour to bind the gnocchi–they held together while being cooked, but as soon as I put them on the plate, they sort of deflated into pathetic puddles of goo. Mark Bittman, since you read my blog, I think “you’re looking for a dough so sticky that it’s almost a batter” is misleading. Next time I’d shoot for more of a wet dough texture than a batter.

Griping aside, I put the leftover ricotta/parmesan mix to good use, stuffing it in chicken breasts for Sunday night’s dinner. The chicken was subsequently baked, topped with Marcella Hazan’s classic homemade tomato sauce that I had made the night before, and served alongside fresh pumpkin ravioli from Whole Foods.  A most hearty and seasonal Halloween meal, I must say, and one that brought a tumultuous October to a comforting close.


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