Spontaneous Sunday brunch at Upstairs on the Square

As my faithful readers know, weekend brunch is my favorite meal.  So when EK and I were looking for a bite to eat before hunkering down for a studious Sunday afternoon, I suggested an early brunch at Upstairs on the Square.  I had never been, but remembered this restaurant scored air time on Food Network’s “The Best Thing I ever Ate” pilot episode for their Eggs Benedict.  Sometimes I wonder if culinary/dining tidbits have monopolized my memory space, since those seem to be the only pieces of information I retain.

Coffee and baked treats to start: coffee cake, petit cinnamon rolls. muffins, and scones.  Cute but nothing special.

EK’s Eggs Benedict: uh, awesome.  Toasty English muffin, crisp rounds of pancetta, wobbly eggs, and rich, creamy hollandaise.  My only complaint is that the potatoes were half-assed, but the benedict itself was pretty parfait.

My lobster omelette with mushrooms and brie was very lobster-y, not necessarily in a good way.  This dish sounded good on paper but I don’t think the textures or the distinct lobster flavor worked well.

Drop-dead gorgeous golden.

*All pics courtesy of EK’s camera phone.

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