Spotted Pig

Met up with the girls for a post-Thanksgiving dinner last weekend at The Spotted Pig.  It gets crowded in there, fast, and you can rest assured you’ll be rubbing shoulders and getting polite but firm nudges in the back all night.  I actually like the feel and layout of the restaurant; it’s got a rustic tavern, maybe ski lodge vibe, with lots of odd angles and intimate nooks.  There’s no main dining room, as the bars on each floor really dictate how the space is arranged and filled.  If it weren’t so relentlessly congested, I would like it much more.  Worth it once, not twice, at least not during the dinner rush.

“Devils on Horseback” — pears wrapped in dates wrapped in bacon.


C ordered a special: grilled beef tongue, duck fat potatoes, pickled beets, creme fraiche.  I was tempted to order the tongue as well, but didn’t regret getting the burger.


The famed Spotted Pig burger with roquefort and rosemary shoestrings.  I like my red meat somewhere between medium and medium-rare, but I get annoyed looks every time I actually say that to the server.  So I ordered my burger medium, trusting that a restaurant that prides itself on being a gastropub would under-cook it, and I was right: the burger innards were a beautiful shade of dark pink, along with being juicy, flavorful, and tender.  Points also for a good bun:patty ratio…you can see from the photo that the bun outsizes the patty by a very modest amount.




One thought on “Spotted Pig

  1. wow who took that awesome last photo? sigh* i regret not getting the burger. the tongue was good, but i wanted the burger + fries!! ( :

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