My first roast chicken

Even though I have tons of food in my fridge (lots of delicious leftovers from Thanksgiving weekend like ham and my dad’s nuo mai fan), I wanted to cook this weekend and decided to roast my first chicken.  I got a nice organic 3.5 lb chicken, shoved some carrots, celery, herbs, and garlic up its arse, rubbed it with canola oil, and seasoned it inside and out.  I roasted it in a cast iron skillet as The Amateur Gourmet did recently, along with some fingerling potatoes.  In at 475F for 20 minutes, then 425 for another 40 minutes.  Rest for 15 mins before digging in.

Out of the oven:

In case the photo doesn’t make clear, I like salt on my potatoes.

Plated with potatoes, ham, and a carrot for nibbling.  So little work with such great reward!  I’m tempted to do it again, and soon.  Maybe after I’ve put a bit of a dent in my leftovers, now that I have even more.

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