Picco pizza in the South End

There is snow falling on my wordpress dashboard, but none as yet in Cambridge, Mass.  I’m told to expect snow this weekend, but I’m not going to get too giddy when the weather here is so fickle.  The past few days have taken a noticeable turn for the colder, which will soon mean concocting ever more excuses to stay in and also to build up my stomach padding.  But yesterday, I managed to roll out of bed and score some cute trinkets and things at the Bazaar Bizarre.  My impulse buy was a funky long-sleeve dress made of recycled clothes that I will probably never wear but like to think I may someday.  Other than that misstep, I was pleased with my purchases, which will make for some nice presents.

My shopping companions and I broke for lunch at Picco. Roasted beet salad and the Alsatian pizza with gruyere, bacon, creme fraiche, caramelized onions, garlic = best of both worlds. You know which worlds I’m a talkin’ bout.


The pizza had really nice char, less doughy than Gran Gusto, my favorite place in Cambridge, but very satisfying nevertheless.


And dessert! Chocolate souffle with homemade vanilla ice cream. Split three ways, there was just enough love to pass around. The souffle was fine, but the vanilla ice cream was all that: rich, creamy, flecked with real vanilla beans. J had the pumpkin ice cream, which was also superb–dense and well-spiced.


Post recap? Food can be broken down into three categories: the good, the bad, and desserts.


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