Christmas treats

Today was our company holiday party, which featured plenty of booze and catered food. It’s nice seeing coworkers decompress outside of the workplace, especially after a somewhat challenging year at the Press. The catering service was provided by Chez Vous, which is pretty popular in the area. There were hors d’œuvres of cheese “marmalade” on toast, chicken quesadillas, Asian-style duck wraps, and corn fritters; a lunch buffet of beef tenderloin with shallot sauce, salmon with tri-mustard sauce, sauteed vegetables, roasted tomato and spinach quiche, and a fresh salad of lightly dressed greens, diced butternut squash, asparagus, and parmesan; and a selection of coffee, cookies, and things for dessert. The quiche was my favorite dish; the concentrated sweetness of the tomatoes made for some seriously bright, piquant bites.

I don’t much to add of food porn this time, but I did manage to capture some of the more festive culinary creatures from the event:

Chocolate-covered cheesecake lollipops and holiday cookies:


A slice of some chocolate mousse cake-roll concoction–I passed, having had two robust servings at the buffet–but saw lots of happy faces over empty plates of this stuff:


Have a kick-ass last weekend before Christmas!  Still no sign of snow in Boston, but the forecast says Sunday night.  Until then I’ll be holed up sipping a cup of cocoa between bated breaths.


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