CSCA class #5: bring on the heat

Second-to-last class of my basic skills course was on dry heat cooking: frying, grilling, roasting. Since I wanted to get on the grill, but didn’t have the urge to slap a hunk of meat down on it, I volunteered to take on the salad of grilled endives, pears, and grapefruit with crumbled pancetta and a pomegranate vinaigrette. Sounds interesting, no? I thought so. I’m a huge fan of Belgian endives; I especially love their natural boat shape — perfect for transporting dips and salsas and various fillings. Endives and pears on the grill:


After grilling everything, I chopped the pears up into chunks, crisped up some pancetta, and sauteed the pears in some of the rendered pancetta fat. I plated the endives whole, lightly dressed, tossed the pears in the rest of the dressing (reduced pom juice with sherry vinegar and olive oil) and set those on top. I wasn’t sure what to do with the grilled grapefruit rounds, and ended up placing them as pretty awkward garnishes. Perhaps they could have gone under the endives or along the sides of the dish, as my instructor recommended, though I thought they would have appeared even more awkward that way.


This salad packed a lot of punch. All that grill action created a satisfying smokiness, the caramelized pears had good flavor, and the vinaigrette provided a tart, if a bit sweet, outfit for the stars of the show.

Deviled eggs in the fryer:


Final product, served with a delicious honey chipotle mayo. The Scotch* eggs were good, but I was really just using them as a vehicle for that mayo. Not the healthiest decision I’ve made.


Grilled swordfish with avocado mayo, another excellent riff on the traditional stuff:


Roasted pork loin:


Grilled skirt steak with tomato salsa:

IMG_0021 IMG_0022

Roasted vegetables (peppers, cauliflower, potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms) with homemade paneer and Indian spices:


Our last class is on sauces, which should be fun. I have to say though, after tonight, I’ll be happy to have my Sunday afternoons and evenings back, especially as spring kicks into full gear.

*Thanks for spotting the typo, Ed!

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3 thoughts on “CSCA class #5: bring on the heat

  1. Those were “scotch eggs” not “deviled eggs.” From what I read they are a triditional Scottish breakfast item. Better than Haggis, I think.

    The class was a lot of fun, thank you for being there.

  2. everything looks so yummy! those deviled eggs look a bit much, though. hehee i can’t believe you made all those things on your own. you’ve really learned a lot in this course, eh? i met n the other day and she and i said how we should go visit you just so we can eat your home cooked food!! ( ;

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