In season: avocados

10 things to do with these plump, creamy, heart-healthy darlings:

1. Guacamole, duh. Check out this  step-by-step demo from Michael Ruhlman, with a useful technical tip (macerating raw shallots and garlic in acid to mellow them out) thrown in.

2. Add slices on top of fish tacos or burgers.

3. Add a big spoonful to your next salad — I’m partial to avocado chunks in a Southwestern salad of chicken, greens, corn, and black beans with a sun-dried tomato vinaigrette.

4. A friend recently cooked me dinner and used an avocado-wasabi puree as a sauce for some stir-fried vegetables and brown rice. I thought that was pretty neat.

5. Along the lines of #4, whip some avocados to spread on sandwiches or incorporate into a dip.

6. Add avocados to your eggs: scrambled eggs, omelets, breakfast sandwiches are all fair game. Poach some eggs and blend avocados with lemon juice and a dash of cayenne for an unconventional hollandaise.

7. Grill avocado halves and enjoy with a sprinkle of salt and wedges of lime. And maybe some cornbread, too.

8. Make goodies your vegan friends can love.

9. Make like the Hawaiians and whip up a refreshing summertime smoothie.

10. My final suggestion, thanks to Iron Chef America, from which I learned that anything –chiles, fish, bacon– can be incorporated into this classic American dessert: ice cream!


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