A good Friday

If you’re a Christian observing Good Friday, or a tree-hugger celebrating the earth, or a caffeine fiend who lives for free coffee, or maybe just a sucker for chocolate bunnies, chances are you agree with me that it’s a good Friday indeed.

I’m guessing every day is a good day for this guy:

Image courtesy of Flickr user cav

For others of his kind, the future looks, well, not so cute. Word of warning: the last couple minutes of that video are graphic. But I couldn’t tear my eyes away, inspired to continue watching by the expertise with which the rabbit is stripped of its fur and gutted. In the States, rabbit meat is an under-appreciated source of lean protein. It tastes like chicken and can be substituted for the latter in most recipes. It also works well in stews; in my basic skills class at CSCA, we cooked rabbit en blanquette, a classic French treatment of meat. I would imagine that, as with most animals, the flavor of rabbit depends on the conditions in which they are raised and improves with the quality of their diets.

In case you didn’t notice (or haven’t gone food shopping this week), we’re also in the thick of matzo season (who said carbs aren’t seasonal?). I experimented a bit this week with the delicate kosher crisp, making the kitchn’s chocolate toffee matzo candy (aka “matzo crack,” for obvious reasons) and some Mediterranean matzo pizza — matzo topped with diced fresh and sun-dried tomatoes, olives, and feta. Doesn’t hit the spot like real pizza, but a strange sort of satisfying nonetheless.

Happy [insert occasion of choice]!


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