Snapshot: Das schmeckt gut!

Food from Germany and Eastern Europe is pretty tasty. Well, at least the half-dozen ambassadorial dishes we made in class on behalf of these cuisines were. Of course we cannot capture an entire cuisine, let alone a region’s worth, on one plate, but this one does a decent job of hitting some of the characteristic elements of this particular fare. Hearty, meaty, boldly flavored, cruciferous and root vegetables widely embraced. In particular, I’m a fan of the sweet and sour element that inhabits many of the common foods, like sauerkraut, as well as amusing pasta names like spaetzle and schupfnudel that keep things interesting.

From L to R starting at noon: braised red cabbage, spaetzle, brussel sprouts with bacon and leeks, a tiny wedge of beer-braised pork belly, a ground meat patty of beef, pork, and rice, parsnip puree, braised beef with jardiniere sauce


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