flying solo

sometimes a lady needs a decadent midday meal to herself, you know? ideally, it starts with some crusty bread and eminently spreadable butter.

perhaps it moves on to some very sweet seared shrimp and frisee dressed in a lovely honey-citrus vinaigrette.

eating this, she imagines a bacon vinaigrette would turn even the coldest frisee hater around, especially when it's paired with a poached egg and duck leg confit. the lady may have been tickled by the pickled shaved walnut slices that adorned her second frisee salad. for a second, she mistook them for truffles, until she tasted a piece and asked the chef to please clarify. the woody texture pleased her, as did the fruitiness, which complemented the duck's...duckiness.

a side of roasted brussels never hurt a figure.

The Blue Duck Tavern
1201 24th Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20037
dinner menu
(202) 419-6755


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