new directions

Hello, world,

326 published posts and dozens of trashed drafts later, the lay gastronomer’s time has come to an end. We can all attest to the fact that life is change, and while tlg will always be a part of me — the fledgling food-obsessed writer/photographer/explorer — I believe the blog no longer expresses who I am. In some ways, that’s a good thing: it means I’ve evolved as a person. I am not living a stagnant life but progressing in a passionate way toward the goal I have set for myself of becoming a successful culinary professional. Not coincidentally, I believe this blog played a seminal role in crystallizing that very goal.

When I first started tlg, I don’t know that I was expecting it to be a long-term thing. I only remember being so inspired by the up and coming food blogosphere, which made me want in. I wasn’t exactly sure what I’d write and shoot, hoping instead that the blog would just somehow reflect the trajectory of my life through food. I’ve been blessed to have this blog as a journal and forum for exploring the food, people, and experiences I’ve encountered over the past five years. She has been very good to me.  True to her billing she has made me hungry and happy, and most definitely made me think. She has also comforted and humored me, challenged and disconcerted me. For this I will always be grateful.

I am confident this blog will live on, perhaps with a different name and in a different form. Time is needed to take a step back and consider both the purpose and the medium before moving forward. In the meantime, I will continue sharing pictures and updates on Facebook. I hope you will look for me there. Cheers!


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