About me

I am a food enthusiast. My mission as ‘the lay gastronomer’ is simply to share my culinary experiences with you. For me, food is all about three forms of experience: sensual, emotional, and intellectual. My favorite foods — dark chocolate, pizza, and chicken feet among them — not only titillate my senses, they affect me, creating emotional connections both to what I consume and the people I consume with. I am also passionate about exploring the ways in which food influences, and is influenced by, the larger culture, as I believe that our approach to food says something important about who we are. In sum, my hope is that this blog will make you hungry, make you happy, and make you think.

I’m currently based in Providence, RI.  Comments and suggestions are always welcome. I can also be reached at c[dot]hannah[dot]wong[at]gmail[dot]com.


7 thoughts on “About me

  1. would you mind telling me what you are doing in HK for a year?

    I studied abroad last year and I would like to go back and was wondering what it was you are doing since I will be graduating soon.

  2. Hi Hannah! Welcome to Cambridge! It’s a fun city and there’s still plenty of fun dining options even if the Chinese is a bit wanting. I just recently connected with another local foodblogger too – maybe it’s time to organize a meet-up!

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