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Hello, world,

326 published posts and dozens of trashed drafts later, the lay gastronomer’s time has come to an end. We can all attest to the fact that life is change, and while tlg will always be a part of me — the fledgling food-obsessed writer/photographer/explorer — I believe the blog no longer expresses who I am. In some ways, that’s a good thing: it means I’ve evolved as a person. I am not living a stagnant life but progressing in a passionate way toward the goal I have set for myself of becoming a successful culinary professional. Not coincidentally, I believe this blog played a seminal role in crystallizing that very goal.

When I first started tlg, I don’t know that I was expecting it to be a long-term thing. I only remember being so inspired by the up and coming food blogosphere, which made me want in. I wasn’t exactly sure what I’d write and shoot, hoping instead that the blog would just somehow reflect the trajectory of my life through food. I’ve been blessed to have this blog as a journal and forum for exploring the food, people, and experiences I’ve encountered over the past five years. She has been very good to me.  True to her billing she has made me hungry and happy, and most definitely made me think. She has also comforted and humored me, challenged and disconcerted me. For this I will always be grateful.

I am confident this blog will live on, perhaps with a different name and in a different form. Time is needed to take a step back and consider both the purpose and the medium before moving forward. In the meantime, I will continue sharing pictures and updates on Facebook. I hope you will look for me there. Cheers!


TLG in Providence!

TLG is officially blogging from her new home base in Providence, RI. In case you missed the news of the year, I decided to enroll in culinary school at Johnson & Wales for a one year associate’s degree program. For sure, this was never part of my life’s grand plan for taking over the world; in fact, it’s a very sharp departure from how I thought I would get there :P. It’s funny, though, how disparate moments in your life often seem to weave these uncanny connections between themselves. I was sharing a little about this with L, who reminded me of Steve Jobs’ fantastic commencement speech at Stanford in 2005, in which he tells a story about “connecting the dots” in his own life. Here’s the speech, which I highly recommend watching/reading if you haven’t yet:

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[I started this post over a month ago, when the dinner was only a week or old. Since then, some details have escaped my memory, but I think the essence of the meal has been preserved.]

Several weekends ago, L and I shared a very special meal at Bergamot. Since opening last summer, Bergamot has received a continuous stream of rave reviews. Most recently, Bergamot earned a spot on The Improper Bostonian’s 2011 “Boston’s Best” list, making its mark as the best new restaurant in Somerville. I don’t agree with some of the Improper’s other choices, but Bergamot was definitely a good call. Working there for the past few months, I can personally attest to the ocean of blood, sweat, and tears (my own included) that go into making that place–though don’t get me wrong, we at Bergamot know how to have a good time. I think the restaurant strikes a great balance between holding itself to a high standard and not taking itself too seriously. It prides itself on being a neighborhood joint, albeit one with outstanding food and service, both of which people seem to agree is among the best in Boston.

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a bounty of updates

*squeeeeeze* That was me giving my beloved blog a bear hug, as it’s been feeling a bit neglected of late, and not for lack of exciting food-related (and non-food-related) things in my life. For starters, L and I plowed through a stacked line-up of eats during her visit the weekend before last. It included lots of chocolate, lamb, and home-cooked love. Here are some of the highlights:

We took a Boston Chocolate Tour of the Back Bay on Saturday, weathering the cold to sample treats from the neighborhood’s chocolate purveyors. Here, a festively decorated Teuscher Chocolatier, where we tasted their specialty, a Champagne trufffle.


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Quick update

I’ve been a terrible foodie this week– the duress of a writing assignment is to blame.  Mediocre takeout and pints of Ben and Jerry’s have been my primary sources of sustenance.  The one highlight: a lovely Spanish-themed dinner party on Wed night.  Smoked salmon and broccoli quiche, chicken pot pie with a decadent crust, a duo of salads, some Spanish reds, cream puffs for dessert.  Oh, and a load of eggplant beignets that went largely untouched and were deemed a “successful failure.”  I used some of my Boston Organics produce to make a pear and red lettuce salad with dried cherries and a blue-cheese dressing. Homemade everything–it was just fantastic.  Muchos gracias to the beneficent hosts of the evening and the hands that made the food.

I intend to make up for my slacking off this weekend: I’m headed to New Haven to visit L and J, and resolve to eat nothing but pizza while I’m there.  The places on the menu: Frank Pepe, Sally’s and BAR for the mashed potato pie.  My last hurrah before buckling down and rounding into summer form.  I’ve been putting it off for long enough.

Lent: Day 1

President’s Day has apparently thrown me for a loop, as it wasn’t until I was on coffee break with someone and informing her of the homemade brownies that someone else had brought in (and her subsequent response that she was going vegan for Lent), that I realized Lent had begun.  I quickly backtracked through my meals up to that point.  My peanut butter and maple-pumpkin-butter sandwich passed; the half and half in my coffee definitely did not.  The orange and homemade brownie were fine; the coffee-flavored yogurt was not (it was also off-tasting.  I do not recommend coffee yogurt).  I am already down 2, and the game is just underway.  Not good.

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TLG in Cambridge, MA

As the title suggests, yours truly will be blogging from a new crib in Cambridge, MA, thanks to a fortuitous job opportunity.  I have been kept off the airwaves in recent days by all the scrambling, packing, and moving, but I am almost ready to get back in action.  For tlg Cambridge edition, I anticipate great things.  My goal continues to be a balanced meal of home-cooked congestibles and restaurant explorations.  I may need some time to procure the essentials for my kitchen — right now I have little more than salt, bread, peanut butter, bok choy, yogurt, eggs, and oats.  But you better believe I plan on cooking and sharing many a meal.  And I have heard the Boston area is no slouch of a foodie city, Cambridge especially.  From what I’ve observed thus far, there’s an abundance of gourmet specialty stores, ethnic restaurants, and small cafe types, which I dig.  There will also be the occasional musing and such, so I hope you’ll continue to indulge me and perhaps even join me in that.

Now eating: the addicting, nolstagia-inducing almond cookies from the chinese grocery store near home.

Oompa loompas deterred

I was craving something cold, milky, and sweet the entire day, so when my dad and I hit up Costco (again!), I headed straight for the snack bar and got myself a nonfat froyo twist.  I was blissfully tucking in when my dad suddenly blurted out, ”how come you’re not fat?!”  I stopped in the middle of a smooth, creamy mouthful, completely take aback. Truth is, I was floating up, up, and away on my feathery froyo cloud, little oompa loompas dancing on the horizon, when he caught me with my pants down.  I gave him a short impatient glare before returning to my treat but the moment had passed.  I was grounded. 😦