I crack myself up

I ate a donut for lunch, then carrots and hummus for dessert to “balance things out”.  How that equals balance is math that evades me, even if the logic does not.  Donuts With a Difference, via a donut angel disguised as a thoughtful coworker, supplied the deliciousness.  Plush and pillowy, so soft I wanted to rub my cheek against it — texturally everything a yeast donut should be.  A light hand with the glaze provided just enough of a sugary coating for the donut, which itself was blessedly not sweet (in donut terms, mind you).  While I would’ve been happy with a little bit more filling, which was smooth and tart though artificial looking and tasting, the donut was ideally sized – 6 or 7 reasonable, indulgent bites.  The donut was obviously fresh, and I wonder if Dunkin Donuts’ donuts would likewise impress if scarfed down straight out of the oven.  My main beef with them is that they always seem on the stale side.  One would think that donuts come out of the ovens quite often, considering their rate of business, but then maybe it’s something about the process of making them, rather than the time from oven to mouth, that gives the impression of them being stale even if they are not.

[Image from Donuts With a Difference website]

Experiment for this weekend: kimchi pancakes.

Donuts With a Difference
35 Riverside Ave
Medford MA 02155


Cider donuts, apples and fried seafood

against the backdrop of picturesque New England autumn.  After some early morning showers, the day brightened beautifully, allaying my initial concerns of being soaked and being grumpy as a byproduct of being soaked.  I was still grumpy, but only then because that’s just who I am 🙂

I digress.  Today I lost my virginity.  My apple picking virginity, to be precise.  I tagged along with a buttload (nearly a full hayride’s worth) of Asian people to Russell Orchards, in Ipswich, MA, about an hour”s drive from Boston.  Unfortunately, the Honeycrisps were long gone but there were still plenty of Macouns, Cortlands, Galas, and MacIntoshs to go around.  I enjoyed sampling all the varietals, indulging in the freedom to bite and toss as I please.  It’s only recently I’ve cultivated a deeper appreciation for apples and the incomparable first bite of a fresh, crisp, clean, juicy specimen.  I think the reliable Galas and Fujis are still my preferred snacking apples, although I discovered today that the Macoun is nice as well, firm and crisp with a gorgeous white flesh.  I also picked up a few Cortlands that will hopefully make their way into an apple crisp on tomorrow’s brunch menu.

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