Meet the roommates (recipe: tortilla de patatas)

Since the new year, my housemates and I make it a point to eat together on a regular basis.  We shoot for dinner once a week, though it is a beast of a task coordinating the schedules of six young adults.  Seven days never seemed so cluttered, and sometimes it just can’t work out.  But bless time for being such that another week is always on the horizon.  Our persistence pays off and it is always, always worth the effort.  I’m not sure how it works with the six really random people coming together, but chemistry can be a funny thing.  It might make sense in a lab but less so when it roams the social world (chem majors, and I know you’re out there, feel free to correct me :)).  All I can say is that these guys have made me a believer in spontaneous order, and sometimes stuff doesn’t need an explanation.

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In review: Don Ricardo’s

Don Ricardo’s is a family-run Brazilian/Peruvian restaurant in the South End. When I went there on Thursday night, my dining companions and I were greeted by Don himself. We got there around 7:30 and the restaurant was completely empty, which gave me pause. Don was friendly enough and patiently addressed our queries about the food, but still, only one other couple patronized the restaurant that night, making me wonder how Don’s stays in the game in a really strong restaurant neighborhood. My conclusion by the end of the night: the apps and the sangria.

Unable to decide between the sweet and green plaintains (Don prefers the former and I the latter), we naturally ordered both. The maduros (fried sweet plaintains) with “carrot sauce”:


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