Out with the old

Recipe: Seared Tuna Salad with Japanese Salsa, adapted from two recipes courtesy of Rachael Ray and Sushi Katsu-Ya in Los Angeles (via RR).


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Weekend brunch

Weekend brunches make a habit of being my favorite meal of the week. The combination of comfort brunch food (usually involving that win-win combination of robust sweet and savory dishes) and the delicious lounging and lingering into the early, even late afternoon, I just love it. I think of the three-hour brunch that breezes by as one of those moments that C.S. Lewis refers to in The Screwtape Letters, when Screwtape talks about the innocuous forms of entertainment that humans enjoy (i.e., intimate family gatherings, appreciation of music) and which divert their attention from less wholesome pursuits.

Anyway, my love of the weekend brunch, an urge to break my cooking slump, and the imperative of catching up with some lady friends, induced me to draw up such a meal on Saturday. The menu: potato and andouille sausage hash and a spinach, fennel, and orange salad.  And some homemade sourdough croutons, which me lady friends really liked 🙂


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