Cooking for one: Scrambled spinach tortillas

I call these scrambled spinach tortillas because the greens were front and center, with just enough eggs to bind and add some heft.  Same concept as Mark Bittman’s “more-vegetable-less-egg frittata“.  I topped it with a cream cheese-based sauce– whipped cream cheese plus scallions, a squeeze of lemon, and a prudent touch of sriracha.  Another spontaneous concoction.  I’m sure these won’t be on a menu near you anytime soon, but I partook of every bite with gusto.  You’re more than halfway to the weekend, folks!



Midweek meals

A breakfast sandwich for one:
1 english muffin
1 egg + 2 egg whites
a small handful of spinach or other leafy green
pinches of onion powder, salt, and pepper
a tablespoon of pesto, dip, or whatever your preferred sauce (i used a red pepper pesto)
a few thin slices of cured meat (i used pork loin)

1. beat eggs and add onion powder, salt, and pepper.
2. toast muffin if so desired and smear one half with chosen sauce.
4. scramble eggs on low heat and toss in spinach after taking eggs off heat. do not overcook your eggs.
5. pile eggs on the naked muffin half and top with meat. or don’t.
6. take some pictures and dig in.