[I started this post over a month ago, when the dinner was only a week or old. Since then, some details have escaped my memory, but I think the essence of the meal has been preserved.]

Several weekends ago, L and I shared a very special meal at Bergamot. Since opening last summer, Bergamot has received a continuous stream of rave reviews. Most recently, Bergamot earned a spot on The Improper Bostonian’s 2011 “Boston’s Best” list, making its mark as the best new restaurant in Somerville. I don’t agree with some of the Improper’s other choices, but Bergamot was definitely a good call. Working there for the past few months, I can personally attest to the ocean of blood, sweat, and tears (my own included) that go into making that place–though don’t get me wrong, we at Bergamot know how to have a good time. I think the restaurant strikes a great balance between holding itself to a high standard and not taking itself too seriously. It prides itself on being a neighborhood joint, albeit one with outstanding food and service, both of which people seem to agree is among the best in Boston.

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Ten Tables

Last week, L and I had a very special dinner at Ten Tables in Jamaica Plain. It’s a cozy (okay, small) space partitioned into a bar/waiting area and the main dining room, which I think really does only have ten tables. The feel of the place is parts rustic, romantic, industrial. Both sections exude a sophisticated warmth absent pretension. For the occasion, L secured us front-row seats for the main attraction:

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