Droopy, soupy days

The temperature has dipped 10-15 degrees in the past week or so, especially noticeably at night.  Fall is definitely nigh.  The chill in the air is a bit of a downer, as it clipped the heels of some meaty late-summer days.  This summer was my first in Boston and I have mixed feelings about it, as I do about most things right now. After getting back from England in June, I spent a lot of time wondering about the decisions that brought me to Cambridge this year.  I trudged through most of July, peeved by the unpredictable weather and my own uncertain future.  I spent most of the year nestling into this life of stability, and by the summer I was settled in physically but continued feeling rather unsettled.  The last month has provided some timely distractions in the form of farmers markets and weekend travel, among other things.  But that nagging feeling, while muted, persists.

Mashed avocado and olive oil.


Continue eating…


Dinner: grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup

I should have the above more often. I rarely think to cook it for dinner, but it hits a lot of the right buttons. My roommate J the girl made tomato soup from scratch. It was on the heavy side but brownie points for the addition of basil– I suggested she use the leftovers to make some pasta sauce.  When my grilled cheese sandwich wants a dunking, nothing beats Campbell’s condensed tomato soup.

My roommate J the boy and I made two different grilled cheese sandwiches. He went with classic Italian bread and slices of muenster, and I tucked a generous layer of extra sharp white cheddar and some grated parmesan between slices of Iggy’s sourdough.  Both were well-received: his for its classic taste, mine for its renagade sharpness.  Add some wilted arugula or deeply caramelized onions, and that’s no run of the mill grilled cheese sandwich you’ll be holding in your hands.

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